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"Happy News" Questionnaire

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"Happy News" Questionnaire


-When did you get involved in writing and reading?

I started my writing journey at the age of four, writing longhand with help from my mom. My mom bought me a black Dell laptop when I was six. The secondhand, somewhat weather-battered computer allowed me to organize my thoughts effectively in stories and poems, compared to time-consuming longhand writing, as I was able to learn how to type very quickly. My dad read to me and my older (eleven-year-old) sister, Adrianna, at bedtime when we were little, and we loved reading from an early age. When I began reading, I often read "advanced" books that were in "higher" grade levels.

-Why do you enjoy reading and writing so much?

I believe writing is a great way to express your thoughts to other people. Writing also gives us the chance to communicate and understand each other, making a better, less conflict-ravaged world possible. I also like writi…