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Story written with Ben Franklin School: Uniontown, PA

This is a story I wrote with the third grade of the Ben Franklin School in Uniontown, Pensylvania during a videoconference called "Easy Steps to Story Writing." The students were very creative, and came up with such interesting characters as "Bob Dickinson the flying elephant" and "Al the Walking Worm." Without any further ado, here is the story:

Bob Dickinson, the amazing flying elephant, waddled onto the warm sands of Sun Grove Beach with his friend, a walking worm named Al. It was an unusually hot day, and Bob Dickinson had shed his bright pink sweater, walking around without any clothes. Al was mortified.
“Surely you’ll be seen!” Al said. “You’re already used to wearing clothes. It’s not that hot here.”
Bob glanced disdainfully at Al, who was inching along at slow worm-pace.
“Not that hot to you, maybe,” Bob said in his best snooty tone. Seeing that Al was not at all convinced, Bob ran, launching off with his back feet into the air. His long, purple w…

Things I've Learned: Feudal Society

Apologies for the belated new blog post. I need to post another "Things I've Learned" directly after this one, since this is only the post that was due last week, and I need one for this week.
Today I'll talk about European feudal society. The basic feudal society was made up of a social diagram. The king came first, then barons, knights, and laborers, or freemen and serfs. The Church also held a lot of power during feudal times. Barons or other lords (counts, etc.) owned most of the land. They would give parcels of land to knights in return for their allegiance and protection. Peasants worked their lord's land, planting crops for their families. In return for that land, the lord demanded a share of the peasants' crops. What did the peasants get? The land, food, protection, and security a small feudal manor offered. Life was very hard for the bottom of the social triangle, the poor peasants called serfs. Serfs were virtually slaves. They could not move off the …