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Educators' Royal Treatment

Hey All,

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Poem written with elementary school students Over Video Conferencing

The kitty-cat is furry,
Fuzzy and quite purry,
They look very cute,
and their minds are acute.
They play with yarn,
Find mice in the barn,
But kitty-cat may claw you,
Her claws are very sharp.
Her relatives are in the zoo-
the tiger and the lion.

Their hunger is voracious,
And their cuteness is contagious,
But it's still very nasty to
Clean up the poo. Ewww!

Poem Written with Elementary School Students Over Video Conferencing

Monkeys are cute as they swing through the woods,
Wearing their fur like cloaks and hoods,
Saying, “Koo-koo-ah-ah!”
With a flexible jaw,
Made for eating bananas—
They’re jumpy and squeaky,
Sometimes dirty and leaky,
But they groom each other quite—

Why Killing Insects is Bad for You

In preparation for my grandma's visit in a couple of weeks, I went about cleaning the house's downstairs bathroom. This may not sound so bad, but you have not seen the downstairs bathroom. Groundwater seeping up to the walls from torrential rains had widened the gap between the wall and the floor, and what I assumed was mold had slowly begun its creep upwards. The remnants of a caulking job were strewn in an odd kind of order on top of the toilet, near the sink, and under the cupboard. But, of course, the title of this post is "Why Killing Insects is Bad for You." After shoving much of the non-vaccuumable mess into the cupboard and vaccuuming the rest, I was faced with my next task--the removal of spiders.

I could have just vaccuumed them up like so many other non-living things, but my older sister's vegetarian instincts must have washed off on me--that, or I was imagining being inside a vaccuum too vividly. So instead of speedily dispatching the spiders (or perh…