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Recently my mom, my sister, and I have been biking around the neighborhood every day to get outdoors and get some exercise--today, I had a mishap that involved scraping my pinky toe and the back of my leg, rather sickeningly, against a garden's stone wall (sort of like the one shown in this picture).
Not to be graphic, but the toe's nail broke, as well as some skin.

This is likely too much information for many of you (especially if you're anything like my older sister), but this story does have a moral: Always wear your helmet, try to wear long pants while biking, and be careful with turning onto a sidewalk at high speeds with a bike that isn't very agile in the turning department.
So, that was my day today...certainly not as eventful as yesterday, when I went on New Day Northwest to cohost with Margaret Larson. It was a very fun experience and I hope to be able to do something similar again! You can find the video at

Descriptive Paragraphs

Out on the highway, the cars race by like lightning bugs—they flicker for a moment, and then they’re gone. It is nighttime, and the pervasive dark lies heavy and peaceful—everywhere except for the long endless highway, where the wide dirty trucks, high-beams on, roll through and cut the darkness down like tanks against barbed wire that offers little resistance.

I often wonder what it must be like to drive down there, look up after miles of tall rocky uninhabited hillocks and foothills, and see a small but self-assured light coming out of a window in a house—the only house, I think, for miles. It is my light, my window, and my house. Do they down there, in their too-quick-to-stop cars, take a moment to pause and wonder who lives there? I would not know, because like lightning-bugs, they flicker for a moment, and then they’re gone.

IdeaCity Speech

So, it looks like my embed code isn't working (though it did this morning!)--if you want to check out my speech in Toronto, go to .

Quick Overview of East Coast Road Trip

After I went to Toronto for the IdeaCity conference, I went to Denver for ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) and after that to Boston for the BLC10 (Building Learning Communities) conference. However, I had two extra weeks before the Boston conference began, which I spent with my family on a road trip. Here's the chronological rundown with hotel commentary:

1. Arrive in Boston and meet up with Dad at the Hyatt Harborside (awesome views of the Boston harbor, and no, I'm not getting paid by Hyatt, sadly)
2. Drive up to New Hampshire to see Grandpa; stay at the Sleep Inn--room had a funny smell
3. Spend time with cousins, drive to Burlington, Vermont, see July 3rd fireworks in Montpelier. The contrast between rest areas in New Hampshire and Vermont is just shocking. New Hampshire has an unorganized sprawling rest stop with a liquor store (yeah, seriously, a liquor store at a motorists' rest stop. It's like you seriously want us to drink while driving…