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Recently, I've encountered an issue with courses; I'm part-time enrolled in the Washington Virtual Academy, which offers online courses, and I also take two electives at Redmond Junior High. However, recently, the school districts informed me that, because I was over the allotted "FTE," or full-time equivalency, that I would not be allowed to take one of my courses. This is the letter I wrote to Chip Kimball, superintendent at Lake Washington School District:


Dear Mr. Kimball,
My name’s Adora Svitak. I am twelve years old, and I’m currently dually enrolled in the Washington Virtual Academy, an online public school, and Redmond Junior High in Lake Washington School District. I’m writing to you today because of an issue I’ve encountered in my dual enrollment. I am taking Creative Cooking and Drama at Redmond Junior High School in addition to my online courses, and the two electives are a wonderful addition. I enjoy both very much. As a student taking Honors social s…


To those of you who have been following TEDxRedmond, we successfully concluded our event on Saturday. I'm glad to say that it definitely had a huge impact beyond the Kodiak Theater (in the Microsoft Conference Center), reaching into schools, classrooms, homes, and communities around the city of Redmond, the State of Washington, and hopefully, around the nation and the world.

Videos will be coming soon!

I want to share some wonderful comments from attendees. One of our audience members, ten-year-old Apoorva Chowdhary, sent me an email after the event:

Dear Adora,       Thank you for organizing the TEDx event. I really enjoyed it and it was very inspiring. It makes me think about what kind of plans I should set for myself, and also makes me think what I should do to help people in the future.       I love how you have the thought that teachers should learn from their students, because I totally agree. And after seeing the TEDx event, I am thinking of starting a blog. I don’t know wha…