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New Short Story

I was inspired to write this one by the recent story of the piano on the sandbar in Florida's Biscayne Bay. It's similar to another one of my stories, A Gossamer Inch. It seems like my characters lean towards old ladies. Maybe it's my alter ego. :) You can find my other short stories on my Scribd collection.


Opinion on "Mom Jailed for Enrolling Kids in Wrong School District"

I'm not sure how many of you have read this CNN article, which describes the felony conviction single mother and aspiring teacher Kelley Williams-Bolar received for putting down her father's address, instead of her own, and as a result enrolling her children in a better school. I find the felony conviction to be completely unjust.

Imagine that you are Williams-Bolar, a parent hoping for a better future for her children. What are your choices? Of course, you have your home school district of Akron--which is  meeting only four out of twenty-six state standards, has a 76% graduation rate, and is poor and urban. Or you have the tantalizingly nearby, wealthy suburban district (Copley-Fairlawn), which meets 26 out of 26 standards and has a 97.5% graduation rate. Can we really call her a felon for hoping for a better education for her kids?

According to the article, the Copley-Fairlawn superintendent "denied that Williams-Bolar was singled out because she is black and the Copley…