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TEDxRedmond announcement

from TxR committee member Rosalyn Leban--

"So, if you’re under 20 and you live in Seattle, there’s this really cool conference called TEDxRedmond. And you can come even if you’re like 120 but your ticket is FREE if you’re under 20.
But that’s not the point of this post. The point is that we’re having a youth art gallery, and if you’re an artist, you should email for more information. But, if you don’t have finished works that you want to display, there’s another opportunity to get your name out there: puzzle pieces! On the set! Where everyone can see them!
We’re giving out 1sqft puzzle pieces to the first 72 people to contact us.
How to get your puzzle piece on the set (and your free ticket):
Sign up to attend the conference here.Email to request your puzzle pieceRecieve and design your puzzle pieceSend the piece back by September 10thCome to the conference on September 15th and see…

Blogs worth reading, my music tastes, and summer. And TEDxRedmond. And polysyndeton, apparently.

I'm not sure what it is with teenage girls in Washington State, but we have a thing for blog writing. So much so that I have three recommendations of thoughtful, lyrically-written, far-more-frequently-updated-than-mine blogs. guessed it. Girls in Washington State.

Is it the water here?

Delitescency, by Niyathi
The first is a new find: "Delitescency," with the not unambitious tagline of "A teenager's view on human nature," is quietly beautiful; its sentiments, those both grave and whimsical, remind me of myself at odd moments. A quote: "This blog sets me free." Liberation is one of my favorite words, so this blog speaks to a kindred spirit. I highly recommend the post "Doll Dilemmas." Oh, that's one more thing: Niyathi and I both beheaded our Barbies. I promise, less disturbing than it sounds. Indeed, reading the blog gives one a sense of deepness and remove (in its consideration of issues of human nature, for instance) and i…