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Lily Allen and pop culture feminism

Note: the following includes profanity.
The activist Fannie Lou Hamer once said, "Nobody's free until everyone is free"; yet many movements treat their causes as issues within neat self-contained bubble wrap packaging like so many Fig Bars from Costco. (The moment my dad opened the box and realized that there was a plastic baggie for every 2 fig bars was incredulity concentrated.) Take examples from history--
The movement for African-Americans' suffrage split, controversially, apart from the movement for women's suffrage. Some questioned the fact that Martin Luther King, Jr. pushed as much for international peace as much as he did for civil rights at home. Many historians point to second-wave feminists' alliance with LGBT-rights activists as a reason why Americans, onboard with feminist advances but still wary of gay rights, failed to overwhelmingly support the ERA.  There are others, but those spring to mind immediately.
In truth, though it may be politically…