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Mind over matter

I read a Salon article, "Mindfulness is a Capitalist Grift: How Faux Enlightenment Maintains our Status Quo" today, finding it pretty relevant to the experiences of lots of students around my age who are interning at "cool" companies this summer. Whether at small startups in Silicon Valley or chic non-profits that attract millennials, sprawling tech companies or booming media organizations, buzzwords that encourage us to take breaks, be mindful, and improve our physical and mental health dust the air more thickly than pollen in the springtime.

There's nothing wrong with encouraging your employees to be healthy and happy. If you want to set up a nap room in your office (I'm looking at you, Arianna Huffington) or buy your workers free subscriptions to meditation sites, power to you. But what is obnoxious about the motivations of some workplace improvements is that they are diametrically opposed to their origins. These Buddhist-inspired (and now heavily secul…