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My appearance on KOMO 4 news

'She's Only 8, And She's Written A Book!'November 15, 2005 By John Sharify

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Adora Svitak has written 300 short stories, and now she's just released a new book on how to spread the joy of writing. Watch Video Video requires the use of the free QuickTime Player.
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REDMOND - Her feet didn't even touch the floor, and yet then-7-year-old Adora Svitak was spitting out one short story after another when we met her last February.
"You just can't stop writing?" I asked her. "Probably not", she responded.
Her resume included 300 short stories.
After we did that story on KOMO 4 News, ABC's Good Morning America interviewed Adora. Peter Jennings was on the set that morning. The late ABC anchorman was just as curious about Adora and her talents, as we were.
Mr. Jennings never got to know this about her: "I just turned 8, and I just wrote my book 'Flying Fingers," Adora told 3rd graders at Redmond's Horace Mann Elementary.
One student observed: "I think it's pretty amazing that she's only 8 and she's written a book!"
Adora wrote the book to spread the joy of writing. It's a 'how to' book. The Redmond girl believes anyone can write, you just need a little inspiration.
I asked her: "What's the key to being creative?" Adora responded: "Just letting your ideas flow, not holding them back".
Adora wants to share her gift with others. That's why she's visiting the 3rd grade class at Horace Mann Elementary.
"Gift? Maybe," says Adora's mother Joyce. "But I think all children have the gift. It's how to discover and develop them."
Adora will be autographing her book 'Flying Fingers' at Third Place Books in Forest Park. It's this Sunday (Nov. 20) at 3:30.
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