Microsoft Live Meeting Seminar

Hello again to all commentors, fans, and bloggers, I welcome any new supporters. I need to make an announcement:

Starting from December 19, 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, I will be using Microsoft Live Meeting software to conduct question and answer sessions, PowerPoint Presentations, writing collaborations, and the like. There will be a digital whiteboard, a chatting space, and many other high-tech tools. Anybody who wishes to be part of this fantastic event can just send me your request through my website and I will be sure to send you an invitation so you can log on. Make sure to send this news to your friends and family.

Best Regards and Merry Christmas,


  1. Happy New Years to Yew and Happy Holidays!

  2. You are a very smart girl. I am sure you hear that a lot. Remember the Lord in heaven above who gave you these gifts. Give Him all honor and praise, and He will bless your life. I have a little girl about your age; perhaps you will meet her one day. Our magazine is featuring you and your work in the near future. God bless you,

    Mrs. S


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