A three-day camping trip is what we spent our weekend on this summer. We went with our aunt and uncle to a place called Hoodsport, which was a miniscule place hardly big enough to be called a town but hardly small enough to be called a village (plus I imagine old-fashioned huts and no cars when I think of a village, and there were definitely cars at Hoodsport, and there were no old-fashioned huts either).

We went crabbing at Hoodsport and had quite a success as far as we were concerned (although the crabs apparently weren't too happy), catching quite a few monster redrocks and one male Dungeness, which bit my aunt quite hard.

We had crab, crab, crab for dinnner, which I eventually got quite tired of, so I switched to veggies and politely refused the crab offered to me. We still had quite a few crabs and quite a bit of meat after my cousin, my aunt, my uncle, my grandparents, my sister, and I had all taken a share, and the leftover crab was given to my mother after the trip was over.

We went hiking and saw glorious waterfalls; we went swimming and came back dripping wet and dirty; we washed off our grime in rivers of snowmelt; we caught oysters in oyster-invaded beaches and quested for better swimming places; we stood on the deck of the homeward ship, the wind and our hair whipping our face; we took so many pictures we had to delete some, and even then we had to use our uncle and aunt's camera on occasion; overall, it was a perfectly wonderful experience (even though I got perfectly dirty!)


  1. Adora, I am glad you had a nice vacation. It sounds like Hoodsport had approximately 10 blocks. Have you heard of or gone to Incline Village in, I believe Nevada, where the 60's TV show Bonanza was shot? No huts but very muvch made out of wooden structures, no concrete. And horses, no cars.

    After you went crabbing did they boil the monster redrocks and dungeness? The crabs did not scream in pain. I wonder why not?!
    Do you know the universe is completely silent except on earth?
    Makes you think we are very special!

    After one has crabs, crabs, and more crabs, one begins to sicken of more crabs. Go for the veggies!
    Your polite refusal of the crab offered was not taken with offense, now was it?

    What made the ship homeward?

    PS in future fiction, don't use the word "fart!"

    Ciao. for now. Frank in Miami contributed to this article.

  2. Hey Adora! Love the blog.. you are a very good writer and very very smart!!
    Good luck with your books!

  3. Wow, I just watched the MSN video on your book... You type really fast! I type 110 wpm and I'm 13, you were just like me when you were my age! EXCEPT I didn't write a book, lol

    I'm glad you are having a fun time writing!


  4. Hi Adora,

    I just saw your interview on MSN Video. It's wonderful that you already have your own books published when you are so young.

    I'm kind of jealous that you have such good parents who support your reading and writing activities. There are a lot of kids in China who love to read and write, too but most of their pushy parents and teachers think anything other than school-related reading and writing is a waste of time. I remember once in 6th grade I got so into a book that I brought it to school to read it, but then it got confistigated because a teacher found me reading non-school-related materials during lunch. Anyway you are so lucky!

  5. Love your blogs! Do you have a website other than the blogsite? What advice do you give to a mother who wants to try and get her son to write more? He likes to read but hates writing.

  6. Adora: I just had to write to you and let you know how truly special you are. I am a 45 year old woman. I have always wanted to write a book. It has been a life long dream. I think I could write a book, but I have always been afraid of rejection. Growing up,I didn't have the support of my parents, and I don't think what I write is good enough so I never finish anything I start. Thank you for being so brave. I will be looking for the great things that will come from your vivid imagination and your flying fingers in the future. God Bless you!

  7. Adora, I saw you on TV and I think what you are doing is great!

    There might be times in your life when you're not feeling good, or not feeling up to writing, but don't ever give up!

    You have what it takes, and it will always be right in your heart.

    "YOU GO GIRL!!!" :)

  8. Adora, you are quite amazing for an 8 year-old (I'm 11). The blogs you write are so interesting! Keep up the good work!

  9. Adora,I am very glad that you had a very juicy vacation. I also like reading and writing. I am a 10-year old but I cannot write as good as you. Don't ever quit!!


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