Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Seeds of Learning School

Seeds of Learning School is a fun and educational class in Redmond for children seven years of age and older. Seeds of Learning features challenging classes with fun activites and helps students with creative writing, structuring essays, and helps develop other useful writing skills; mental math is one of the most exciting activities of the day, with plenty of prizes and praise for all participants. There are history projects like learning about the founding fathers, the history of Russia, royalty throughout the ages, the history of Halloween, etc. The school is located in a friendly, warm home enviroment, but there's also lots of space to stretch out, play, and learn! The internationally recognized and published nine-year-old author Adora Svitak currently attends classes in this school; Adora Svitak wrote the book Flying Fingers at the age of seven and says she will "continue to enjoy the highly educational and fun experiences I had and contine to have at this school". This innovative school also offers private tutoring. See for details.


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