Saturday, December 02, 2006

Comments, Please

Dear Readers,
This is the time where I throw myself upon your mercy and most dramatically beg of you to leave SOME COMMENTS about my blog, your feedback, and your own miscellaneous ramblings. Of all the 1000 something people who have viewed my blog, not a lot of people have left comments!
So, audience, please be kind and leave me some comments.
Very Cordially Sincerely Truly Heartfeltly,
Adora Svitak


  1. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Dear Adora:

    Hi! I love your blog so far. i just wanted to say hello and good luck on your writing!!! :)

  2. Dear litlle Adora!
    I wrote this after reading your mom's blog" Weather really plays a major role in terms of influencing our moods. Every morning, when I open my eyes and see the sunshine,subconcsiously, I know that I will have a good day. If it looks gloomy, I have to struggle to warn myself not to be influenced by it. It's middle of the May, rain is just pouring in. How odd. ...."That's just lines from a mother's blog and her daughters' comments.But it makes me think or sympathize (frankly,everything happens to me make me think hix!).In this crowded city and especially in my small house, rarely can I enjoy the first sunlight of a day.The image of windows full of sunlight reminds me of my beloved house in Da Lat which is covered by sunshine each morning....We don't enjoy sunshine here,if any ,that is when we raise our heads ,look up to the sky ,the extensive blue sky at the bus station where we usually wait for the journey back home.

    Or..we can't see sunshine because we don't have time? yeah,people keep complaining 'bout time,space,love ect...It seems that everyone is really stuck with our own cold fortress(es?).We rushes out houses, we toils away in classes ,we labor at neverending lessons......I wish there were a place where we don't have to struggle ,to suffer from pains (both in the figurative and the literal sense), we all live together happily ,everyone has their lovers,we all can enjoy first sunlight and view the sunset in the beautifull weather (not hot like in here).......and the place especially for me a thinking but not doing person...
    Hope you can read this comment,sincerely!