Monday, December 04, 2006


My sister and I were fortunately allowed to take care of our aunt and uncle's kittens (Zena and Sophie) over the week. They are sisters. Zena is the thinner and somewhat smaller--and smarter--kitten. They have become well acquainted with the downstairs area of our house and know their way to the litterbox. They do, however, have a tendency to jump on our kitchen table/counter, or the electric piano in the large room, at which we immediately shout "Zena" or "Sophie" in loud voices.

Just thought the cat lovers out there would like to know.


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  1. Hi Adora, I saw your interview about "Flying Fingers" on iFilms and throught I'd check out your blog. You seem like a very intelegant little girl. I think I'll have to get my little girl her own computer now as she likes to write as well. I'll also be mentioning you in my term paper about the publishing industry and blogs, and I'll give you a link from my own blog soon. Hope you get a little more traffic.