Sunday, December 03, 2006

Redmond City Lights

Where there is food and music, there is life and excitement. After dinner, we drove to Redmond Town Center to participate in the Redmond City Lights. There were many different Redmond vendors giving out samples of food. We were stuffed from our own dinner, but we couldn't resist the temptation of tasting and smelling free food. We lined up in different booths to get a variety of foods.

We ate quite a bit of food. We had soup, sweet rice, carrots, and vegetables from "Thai Ginger"; we had spicy pasta with chicken from "Desert Fire"; we had hot tomato basil soup from "Cosi", accompanied by dipping bread; we had eggnog from an eggnog maker (don't know that one!) was wonderful. The one thing missing was ice cream. Oh well.

I was amazed by the brobdingnagian Christmas tree. It was not very wide but it was quite tall and seemed to go on and on. There was a warm, cheery little "house" surrounding the tree. There was also a Christmas trolley. There was quite a long line waiting for rides, however, and we decided it would probably be very expensive, so we didn't go. We had no regrets.

Redmond Lights was a fun, friendly, fast-paced event with great smells, great tastes, and great sights, from the smell of hot soup and fresh bread, to the taste of fiery, spicy pasta, to the sight of an enormous Christmas tree and Christmas lights and decorations everywhere. I definitely hope we can do this next year!



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