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Cooking with Adrianna

Some people think that the only thing I do all day is read and write. That's not true, because I also love to cook, and today I cooked some pizza with my older sister, Adrianna. It wasn't really all pizza or anything, in fact I didn't even make any pizza --- I only made one little bun and three hearts (with the help of a cookie cutter) out of dough and I colored it with tomato sauce. I thought it would taste a little more like tomato sauce, but really it tasted more like bread with a bit of sauce spread over. Adrianna's pizza was a hit, though. My mom devoured some (despite the fact pizza is her sworn archenemy) and I took a huge slice. Adrianna made two little cats, a bun, and two large pizzas. I can't wait to cook again!

Thanks Everybody!

So many people are writing nice things about me that I joyful! I'm really grateful for all their praise and encouragement to me, and I feel like I just can't thank them enough. However, I'm trying to put my gratitude into words so that the public can understand!




I demonstrated my writing skills at Medina Elementary in Bellevue just two days ago (on the fifth of January) and I did a presentation just today, on Saturday, at the Northwest Chinese School in Kirkland, where we gather quite a crowd. We sold about ten books, so overall we did pretty well. There will be more presentations in the future, but this will be all on my this entry for now!