Cooking with Adrianna

Some people think that the only thing I do all day is read and write. That's not true, because I also love to cook, and today I cooked some pizza with my older sister, Adrianna. It wasn't really all pizza or anything, in fact I didn't even make any pizza --- I only made one little bun and three hearts (with the help of a cookie cutter) out of dough and I colored it with tomato sauce. I thought it would taste a little more like tomato sauce, but really it tasted more like bread with a bit of sauce spread over. Adrianna's pizza was a hit, though. My mom devoured some (despite the fact pizza is her sworn archenemy) and I took a huge slice. Adrianna made two little cats, a bun, and two large pizzas. I can't wait to cook again!


  1. Hi Adora! Your pizza adventure sounds like my Thanksgiving dinner: we made a homemade pizza, but there was so much dough that we had to try to fit it on a rectangular baking tray - it ended up shaped like a mushroom, but it still tasted good! Well, I don't know if you remember me - I shook your hand after you talked to us (3rd Period at Renton HS - sorry half of us didn't do our homework!), but I just wanted to say how much of an inspiration you are. Meeting you reminded me that a person doesn't need to wait to do something she's passionate about. Did you find out anything about high school life? (I thought it kind of ironic that the overwhelming reply to your question was "stress".) Well, thanks for visiting us, keep being you, and I hope your future will be as you've dreamed it.

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  3. You can surely find fun in cooking. Cook what you want to eat is even more enjoyable.


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