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I just realized that I always think of the sun as masculine and the moon as feminine, for no real reason. It's sort of the same with ages -- I think of one as masculine, two as feminine, three as neutral, four as masculine, five as feminine, six as feminine, seven as masculine, eight as neutral, nine as neutral, ten as feminine, eleven as masculine, and so on in no particular sort of pattern. Maybe it's becuase I know more girl people who are two or five or six or ten or whatever. My sister is ten, my classmate is ten. I'll be ten soon. Actually, to be more exact, two years. But I've been one year old, I've been four years old, I've been seven years old. I think it might be the sound of the number which makes me think of them of masculine or feminine, but I'm not sure. Oh well. I suppose I'll leave this mystery to rest.



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  2. I had thoughts such as those as well! O-O I always replace numbers with domestic titles. I always thought of 8 as a mother, carrying on it's back 3...when they are multiplied together to get 24...and then...oh no! i forget my the thoughts of the pasttt....Eeee...8 is always like a mother to me. (haha..i was going to go on with others...but 8 is all i remember now...=__='s pathetic)

    It's something to give think of numbers as masculine or feminine. xDD

    Oh did you know? I once recieved an email that gave inanimate objects gender! Sponges were girls because they can absorb/hold so much. yet when they're squeezed, everything comes out or something?

  3. do you ever hear a word and it puts this picture in your head but it really has no relation with the word that much but when you try to think of it really hard the thought or picture just goes away but you just say the word inside your head and it comes back? that always happens to me....just a thought

  4. Anonymous1:28 AM

    This blog is interesting - about ages having genders, and the sun and moon as well. I just wanted to add that when I was little (I am 50 now), I thought that dogs were male and cats were female.


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