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The Wonder of the Great Minds: My Mother's Blog

This is to announce the coming of "The Wonder of the Great Minds", my mother's highly interesting blogspot, the address of which is . I have read it myself and posted many comments, and I would advise readers to do the same, as it is always highly pleasing to see comments.

In any case you should have a look at this blog; it is my mother's blog and is very humorous, interesting (as I said before) and gives a cheerful outlook on the life of an American mother to readers.


Bob the Fastest Turtle for Senator: It's a boy, Mrs. Walker.

Bob the Fastest Turtle for Senator: j00 can't have a blogzorx without clogzorx!

Book Reviews Wanted!

WANTED: Lots and lots and lots and lots of book reviews! I am desperately in need of book reviews for my magazine, Gaze of the Sun, which will be coming out shortly. Or maybe it will take a long time...

Anyways, these book reviews have a chance of being published in my magazine (depending on how good they are), so make sure you don't share any personal information in your book reviews you don't want going past me!


A Blog Recommendation

For those of you who are not so inclined to use vulgar language, perhaps you should stay away from this site; while we occasionally use bad words if the need comes up, we do not promote its use outside of private buildings such as the Academy of Sinister Death (a.k.a. Seeds of Learning Blog). We focus on subjects such as politics we disagree with, tragical tales of our teacher (Beastie)'s victims, and many other interesting things that cannot be described in here. The address is . You will find one of my articles under the name of "Pumpkinglasses".