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Letter to a Taiwanese Friend

Dear P,

Life is getting on very well, but my days of lazing about at room temperature eating potstickers are over. I am now concentrating on editing Yang in Disguise while the heat in our house seems to drop. I have a cold, although it's getting better. Weekends are hardly breaks, and--well, probably enough complaining. After all you are busy in school with homework and tests. What do you do on weekends? Adrianna has her violin, I do last-minute Chinese homework, we both do Chinese class, and sometimes go biking. (Saturday). Sundays are sleep-in days of boredom. The most exciting thing on Sunday is Sixty Minutes, the TV program. Speaking of TV we watched the Oscars just now. Did you watch the Oscars? The "pre-Oscar" time is extremely boring. They claim the Oscars begin at four, but that's just when everybody's getting seated and obnoxious reporters interview rushing nominees. They drone on and on about spectacular gowns. A typical conversation between the reporter…


Journal (Handwritten at an earlier date) January 27th, 2006--I mean 2007--obviously, right?

Well, time passes quickly, whether you're having fun or not. It seems only a few moments ago that I was crouching in Benaroya Hall's Safeco Founders tier, and tomorrow we'll be heading to San Diego on an almost red-eye flight. I was in Benaroya Hall listening to Bill Cosby. To be honest, I might have rather gone biking, since it was a nice day outside and all (it was all dark when we came out though)...ah well. Daddy isn't coming with us [to San Diego] which is a shame since I think he definitely would have liked SeaWorld and the [San Diego] zoo. I desperately hope we won't have to write a report about San Diego [in class]. We faithfully sent emails to Beastie throughout our entire Europe trip, and yet!-alas, we had to write an entire report. I usually despise Alaska Aairlines [airlines], since last time when I got on an L.A. flight the hallways were narrow, the plane was pre…