Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Journal (Handwritten at an earlier date) January 27th, 2006--I mean 2007--obviously, right?

Well, time passes quickly, whether you're having fun or not. It seems only a few moments ago that I was crouching in Benaroya Hall's Safeco Founders tier, and tomorrow we'll be heading to San Diego on an almost red-eye flight. I was in Benaroya Hall listening to Bill Cosby. To be honest, I might have rather gone biking, since it was a nice day outside and all (it was all dark when we came out though)...ah well. Daddy isn't coming with us [to San Diego] which is a shame since I think he definitely would have liked SeaWorld and the [San Diego] zoo. I desperately hope we won't have to write a report about San Diego [in class]. We faithfully sent emails to Beastie throughout our entire Europe trip, and yet!-alas, we had to write an entire report. I usually despise Alaska Aairlines [airlines], since last time when I got on an L.A. flight the hallways were narrow, the plane was pretty stinky, and overall I don't like planes, or airports.

I'm glad everything is packed for San Diego, but I'm still nervous about a lot of things. By the way, I just thought of Bush's call to "support the soldiers". Are we exactly supporting them when we send more of them into harm's way? I thought Bill Cosby's "Is there any way to buy out the president?" joke was pretty funny. Somebody really ought to look into it. However, I bet Cheney would steal the money and either dispose of Bush or keep him as a puppet president. My mom took pictures of it all (the Green Room meeting with Bill Cosby, etc.) and then got into a big fight with my dad since she thought the pictures hadn't been taken, etc. I desperately hope we will have a good time in San Diego.


[A note to the reader--all inserts in brackets were observations typed up by the author (me, otherwise known as ADORA SVITAK. Including this one.]

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