Monday, March 26, 2007

Greetings, blog viewers! Due to the success of the "My Life as a Child" series on TLC, I'd like viewers to hear a little news from this remote corner of the world (Redmond, Washington).

WEATHER: The rain has been merciful these two days. Saturday was soggy, Sunday was sunny, and Monday was quite warm in the morning with clear sky. Now it's fogged up.

POLITICS: Come on, why should I know? I'm just an innocent, adorable little kid! Ha ha...I didn't check CNN this morning, but experience tells me Bush is still unpopular.

ADRIANNA (my sister): Vaccuming thoroughly due to a vicious attack from the bloodthirsty ant tribes, in her room. Thankfully none have come into my room--------yet.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I was watching CNN’S “Situation Room” yesterday and I realized exactly how idiotic certain people are. There’s been a lot of discussion over the attorney firings, especially since Bush “cited executive privilege” to keep Harriet Miers and Karl Rove from testifying under oath, and “Situation Room” was reading letters from people on Congress vs. Bush. Thousands of pro-Congress letters and a measly two or three pro-Bush. I thought one of the pro-Bush ones was particularly funny—“Of course what Bush says has to be right”, or something along those lines. I’m thinking Bush is in the war zone here, and he’s landed himself the question “If you guys did nothing wrong, why not testify?” He doesn’t have a good reason, and so the conclusion is they did do something wrong. I’m surprised Bush doesn’t just resign.
Some people feel sorry for unintelligent presidents like Mr. Bush, because every one of their infinite mistakes is caught by the media, and every rare “graceful” movement (“Bush handling a chainsaw”, according to CNN’s Jeanne Moos…eh, when is a chainsaw graceful?) is usually obscured by dumb moves. I’m thinking Bush should have studied the other presidents, should have known about the media’s influence, and—after all, he’d already had four years in the presidency before the elections!
In any case, that’s my opinion about Bush, and I hope, beloved readers, many of yours as well.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Check-up Time

And finally after an extended period of isolation from my beloved audience, the check-up has finally come.

For inquiries after my health: I am doing "moderately normally", meaning a bit of sore throat here and there and possibly some sneezing, but nothing life-threatening.

For inquiries after weather (non-local residents): Rainy, cloud-covered sky, and a completely cloud-obscured sun as well, except for certain exceptionally rare days. What can you expect?

Concerns about plant life in our yard: Grass is beginning to sprout up in lush bunches, and small white flowers are beginning to blossom on a short tree at the side of our estate. It's typical spring with everything too wet to touch.

Concerns about traveling and recent events: Here's a list of some of the places we've been to: San Diego, California (3 people: mom, sister, me) Las Vegas, Nevada (4 people: mom, sister, dad, me) Orlando, Florida (3 people: mom, Chinese documentary filmmaker, me). ACTIONS: San Diego: 3 School visits, etc. Las Vegas: Keller Williams Inspirational Breakfast, 1 school visit, Orlando: 1 school visit, Verizon Literacy Conference, DISNEYWORLD!!!

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Adora Svitak