Check-up Time

And finally after an extended period of isolation from my beloved audience, the check-up has finally come.

For inquiries after my health: I am doing "moderately normally", meaning a bit of sore throat here and there and possibly some sneezing, but nothing life-threatening.

For inquiries after weather (non-local residents): Rainy, cloud-covered sky, and a completely cloud-obscured sun as well, except for certain exceptionally rare days. What can you expect?

Concerns about plant life in our yard: Grass is beginning to sprout up in lush bunches, and small white flowers are beginning to blossom on a short tree at the side of our estate. It's typical spring with everything too wet to touch.

Concerns about traveling and recent events: Here's a list of some of the places we've been to: San Diego, California (3 people: mom, sister, me) Las Vegas, Nevada (4 people: mom, sister, dad, me) Orlando, Florida (3 people: mom, Chinese documentary filmmaker, me). ACTIONS: San Diego: 3 School visits, etc. Las Vegas: Keller Williams Inspirational Breakfast, 1 school visit, Orlando: 1 school visit, Verizon Literacy Conference, DISNEYWORLD!!!

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Adora Svitak


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