Friday, May 11, 2007

A Chronicling of Events Including Technology

We have been having a very good time. This morning we went to Nike Park again. Our mother was griping about us going down the woody hills, as she didn't want us to get lost again (ah! how sad! my heart bleeds! If only that bounty of treasure-hunting were open without the roadblock of motherly instincts!). In any case, we ended up going down and coming up directly afterwards, obviously finding ourselves with little other choice.

Today we also went to Theno's Dairy. The very name inspires awe and hope in our hearts for the taste of delicious ice cream. Lodged between a church and a construction site, Theno's Dairy is painted a bright red, with a faded, hand-painted sign bearing "Theno's Dairy" in brobdingnagian letters at the front. There is a friendly plastic cow in the front. Theno's Dairy smells of cookies and is pleasantly warm, though the ice cream is chillingly delicious.

Our teacher, who we call Beastie for her growling tendencies , was sick for two days. We have taught meanwhile. Today Adrianna taught a small segment about the history of yoga to our classmate Katie and I. Before she went, I taught Katie and Adrianna how to use Microsoft OneNote and Google Sketch-Up. One Note is basically a notebook on the computer, and Sketchup lets you create buildings by drawing rectangles on the computer, and adding vegetation, pulling it up, etc.

Tomorrow (Saturday) Adrianna rises early for her SYSO (Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras). She and her friend and fellow symphony member Hattie, who lives quite near us, carpool every morning. Even though I'm on strict orders--or at least I'm not supposed to--wake up when Adrianna leaves, I can't help shouting "Goodbye" and waving out the window. Waving is always quite satisfying in my opinion, although disappointing if no one waves back.


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