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A Brief Comment (A.B.C):
"On Adults"

I find that it is too often I find myself the target of an unwanted lecture, dismally listening to adults drone on about water conversation. Or conservation, the latter of which is significantly more important to me. Many subjects like this pass through one ear and out the other, or through one mouth and out the--never mind about that.

Finding that other children may be afflicted with the same dismal plight, I suggest execution of Plan A. Plan A is an excellent way to prove parents' hypocrisy that I would wholeheartedly prescript. When entering the bathroom to find that your mother has, alas, left the water faucet running full-blast, AGAIN, merely say,

"Well, you always talk to me about water conservation, but you're probably wasting a gallon."

And Plan B? To deal with the following explosion, the readying of the watercannon, the introduction of water warfare, and the sickening thud of a fallen comrade drenched in tap water upon a marble ground? To deal with the imperious tone of a parental unit commanding you to fast for a day?

Let's hope your parents don't have watercannon.

I don't have a Plan B.


  1. Hi Adora! I'm way older than you, 25, but I totally remember adults telling me things... like... "Do what we say, not what we do". I HATED that one!!!

    I also have a CLEAR and VIVID memory of being three years old and being upset, but not upset enough to cry -- but I pretended to cry, anyway, to show how upset I was -- and my father came up and began making fun of me for my "crocodile tears" which I guess mean fake tears. Which obviously wasn't the POINT.

    Anyway, the point of THIS, is: Sometimes adults are SO dumb.

    I hate to tell you, they don't get smarter as you get older. The only thing that changes is that more and more people are smaller than you, so you can tell them to "Do what you say" and then go off and do your own thing.

  2. Hi Adora,

    You have given us a great example of achievement. I have a 4 year old and he is a few years away. Keep writing.


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