Wednesday, June 20, 2007

An Informal Profile

Name: Adora Svitak, a.k.a Pumpkinglasses, Dory, and Chubby Puffy (alas!)

About Me: I am short and squat and I resemble a teapot, although I'm not washed nearly so often. I enjoy throwing stuff at my sister, lying on one of our numerous wrinkled couches in a fit of lethargy, digging (anywhere), and teasing my sister.

Interests: Teasing my sister, digging, sleeping, drawing, reading, cursing my laptop, writing, cooking.

Things I Don't Like: Water breaks, lugging my computer up the stairs, romantic novels (not that I've ever actually read one--I just don't like the idea), and a certain two people.

Places I've Lived: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Narnia, and Renton.

Occupation(s): Scholar, Senior Teaser of Older Sisters, and Writer.


  1. Name: Adora Svitak

    About Me: My height allows me to dexterous. I employ my dexterity for numerous jobs, including loading ammunition and fixing couches. I am hardworking and I enjoy being busy. I am always well-rested, making me calm and rational at vital points of decision and in the casual workplace. I expect technological excellence from machines such as laptops, and I am dedicated to bringing machines up to these standards. I am able to employ my literary talents in many areas of the workplace, and I enjoy cooking.

    Things I Dislike: Wasting my time on unconstructive and frivolous pursuits, meeting petulant and demanding people, doing excessive and unneccessary menial work, and taking time to refresh myself when the time could be spent on achieving potentials.

  2. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I'm not sure that loading ammunition is something that you want to mention on a profile for a prospective employer. Also, employers may need you to contend with petulant and demanding people, and may be looking for someone to do excessive and unnecessary menial work.

  3. Hi Adora. I will not bore you with further compliments of which I am sure you have received more than enough for two of your lifetimes. I am writing because I run a non-profit theater in Western Massachusetts and I am curious as to whether you have ever considered writing for the stage. We have classes for young people and I am hoping to begin producing shows for young people as well. My hesitation in doing so is primarily due to the lack of quality material written for young audiences. Too much is written with the assumption that the minds of children are incapable of grasping deeper or darker themes than those so often presented in the sacharine candyland of children's theater. Based on both your own writing and choice of books, I gather that your tastes in literature are similar to mine. Have you had much experience with the theater? If you have written any plays, I would love to read them.

    Best of luck,
    david at