Monday, July 09, 2007

A Frequently Asked Question

A question I'm frequently asked about is where to get a publisher. Publishers are many and close between, but an exceptional one I've noticed lately is called LaunchPad, at It's a magazine devoted to starting kids off in creating writing and drawing. They're receiving contributions from kids six to twelve. I'd suggest LaunchPad to all kids.

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  1. Adora, hi again. More inventions. I recently patented my web site. I know that sounds strange but my site is really a machine that generates 'play energy' and then, like the electric company, distributes it into the hands of teachers and kids.

    Puppets are part of the communication system on the site, and it just so happens that the invention makes it possible for puppets to become part of storybooks--which means that any story character could, quite literally, come out of the book.

    If you would like to play with this idea, I am ready to assist. I need people who like crazy ideas and would like to help me change the world.

    I wrote a crazy paper that explains what would happen if book readers could actually play with the book characters in puppet form.