Monday, October 01, 2007

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

A mermaid reminiscing self-contentedly, a linnet in a cage "that never knew the summer woods," a bugle call in a woman's college, the mysterious Lady of Shalott…
Dive into the world of Alfred, Lord Tennyson with Sterling Publishing's Alfred, Lord Tennyson, part of the Poetry for Young People series. Vivid illustrations by Allen Garns bring Alfred, Lord Tennyson's works to life for the whole family.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson is a great read for children and parents alike. The depth of his topics will spark interest for adults, while the wonderful texture, beautiful illustrations, and imagery-rich poetry of the hardcover book will entrance children.
Some of my favorite features include the vocabulary definitions at the bottom of each poem. While some books may include definitions, they sometimes take so long to find that they turn off most readers in today's hurried world. The Poetry for Young People series takes care of that problem and teaches children new words in the process.
Another great feature are the in-depth biographies in the beginning of the book. Ideal for class projects or learning on your own about different poets, information is presented concisely, yet gives detailed information.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson is a wonderful introduction to literature for everybody. I heartily recommend the book for a nuanced and well-rounded look at the poetry of one of England's most renowned Victorian poets.


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