Monday, April 21, 2008

Overview of my trip to British Columbia, Canada

[Note about areas in bold: This is an overview of the trip so I'll be giving more details about bolded areas in a second blog post.]


We (my mother, my grandparents, and I) headed to BC for a leadership conference in Surrey, a large (and quickly growing) city that would have reminded me of Redmond were it not a few times bigger. At the leadership conference, I gave two separate presentations: "Creating Leadership" at the theater of the Panorama Ridge Secondary School, and "Technology and Leadership" at the Bell Theater. After "Technology and Leadership" I answered questions and finished a blog post we had started. There was an abundance of food at both conferences.

We stayed at three different hotels for different parts of our visit: the Sheraton Guildford Hotel, the Holiday Inn Express, and the Holiday Inn Downtown.

We visited three different museums while we were in BC: the Burnaby Village Museum, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and the Telus World of Science (more often called "Science World). We also visited the Surrey campus of the Simon Fraser University.

We used various kinds of transportation during our journey. To get to Surrey, we caught a ride with a driver we found on Craigslist. Two of the most memorable were the SkyTrain and the Amtrak train to Seattle. We took the SkyTrain quite a bit to get between Surrey, Burnaby, Vancouver, and all the places in between.

Finally we arrived at the train station in Seattle. But the journey was not yet over--after all, we still had a drive to Redmond in front of us--and, for me, a tuna fish sandwich.


  1. Anonymous12:12 PM

    dear adora i was in one of your leadership conferences about"technology" i thought u were pretty funny!!!!i was with ny vice principle and soon retiring principle! thanks for coming to surrey

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