Monday, June 09, 2008

Beginning of a story written with Lincoln School, Costa Rica

On June 9th I had my first videoconference with a school in Costa Rica, the Lincoln School. I gave two presentations on Inspirations for Writing. During the second session, I showed them how you can easily start writing a story using simple inspirations. The beginning of this story was inspired by the ideas "carnivorous plant" and "monkeys." I would love it if the students of the Lincoln School wanted to continue this story, copied and pasted the beginning into the "comments" section, and gave it their own ending. Here is the beginning of the story:


The town of Saitam was not known for being an exciting place. Nothing much ever happened there. It was a very small town, with two restaurants, one post office, one school, and twelve houses. The people of the town had to get their groceries from another town four miles away. Saitam was so small that it wasn’t even on the map.
But something would happen to change all that.

There were lots of monkeys in the rainforest by Saitam. They made fools of themselves by making loud noises and throwing bananas whenever people walked by. These monkeys, however, were smarter than most of the other animals in the rainforest, so nobody bothered them too much.
There was a certain plant in the rainforest, near the area that the monkeys played. The monkeys played in a small clearing where there were not as many trees but plenty of interesting plants and insects to observe. At first, the plant in question was hardly noticeable; it looked to be little more than a shrub. But within two days, it had grown to be eight feet tall. Even the monkeys kept away from it at this point, for the plant was carnivorous.

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  1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    I love the story beginning. It's very descriptive and it has potential for an amazing story. I especially liked the detail it provided and the mystery of it: "But something would happen to change all that." This story will be exciting, once finished!