Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Adora Book Club

For all of you readers out there, I'd like to welcome you to my blog It's a blog where viewers can post book reviews in the comments section and I'll publish some of them on the blog. If you've read a book recently and you'd like to write a review, head over to the Adora Book Club!


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Hi Adora:

    I really think the idea of the "Adora Book Club" blog is great. This allows people to read more--I'm sure that was your intention in setting up the blog.

    I took a look at the blog today and I really liked it--the layout was fantastic, especially the picture in the background for the title. The font is a little big, making the blog a little "clumsy" but other than that it's wonderful. A reminder: My blog is no longer called the Cookie Jar, it's called "Ponderings of a Ten-Year-Old Writer". You might want to change that on your Favorite Blogs section.

    I apologize for constantly changing my blog title, but I'm happy with it now and I'm not changing it anymore!



  2. Adora,

    I enjoy your book club very much. Thank you for posting my review on your blog. I am giving you my permission to add my blog to your "Favorite Blogs." They are called, "Katie's Writers' Blog", and Katie's Blog: Daily Events; My Passions, Writing, Reading, and Art" Thanks Adora!



  3. Adora,

    I hope that you will continue writing on your blog!


    Katie Liggera

  4. Adora,

    You haven't posted on this blog for a while. I can't wait to hear more about your Yang in Disguise!


  5. Anonymous12:22 PM


    You haven't written on your blog in quite a while! I'm really looking forward to seeing some more posts!


  6. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Hi Adora!
    I'm Ayunda, nice to meet you. I love writing too, but most of my writings are in Indonesian. But I haven't publish any of my stories. I hope someday I can do it, just like you!
    By the way, visit my blog, at Sorry if some of the writings are in Indonesian, cause I live in Indonesia.