Sunday, March 08, 2009

Discrimination Against Short-Statured Persons in Public Places

Discrimination Against Short-Statured Persons in Public Places
(as experienced by the author)

Recently I have had my rights compromised. The unfortunate event occurred at Costco in Kirkland, WA. Being in close proximity to our house, Costco is one of many food-shopping destinations that we patronize. One of our favorite parts is getting samples from the many tables set up around the store. Actually, that’s what my sister and I spend the majority of our time in Costco doing. Sadly, Costco seems to enforce a hideous rule which does not allow children to get samples without parental accompaniment. I thought originally that this rule was created perhaps because the Costco administration was worried about allergies, but I suppose not, for when I went to get a sample of sweet potato French fries from a table, the grouchy lady (who, my sister noted with obvious glee, was of Asian descent) handing out samples said, “You need your parents!” I said that I didn’t have any allergies. She responded, “I don’t care if you have no allergies, you get your parents!” Needless to say, I did not return to that table.

Such a thing happened again later that hour. I was about to get a sample of an energy drink when the lady (who was considerably nicer about it) told me that I would need my parents. However, I was made doubly angry about this because my older sister, who is only 13 and thus still not an adult, was allowed to get the same drink without so much as a “wait a second.” It made my blood boil. So I dragged my mother over there and managed to get the sample.

This is yet another example of shameless discrimination against those of us who happen to be shorter than the general adult population, and one that I was determined not to just let go by. As a result, I wrote this blog post, and I hope that you will record any instances of similar things happening to you or others.


  1. Personally I agree, I believe that the adult population condescends the younger generation greatly. You write very eloquently, enjoyable read!

  2. Anonymous2:25 PM

    In fact, very true, I have experiencied it a lot of times before.

  3. I completely agree. I have experiencied it many times at public places.

  4. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Hey! This is a really fun and cute piece. I like this post a lot, Adora :)


  5. Preeti George11:14 AM


    I'm not saying I don't agree- but I am short (5"3inch)and I am an adult (19)so here's a different angle.

    Children need their parent's permission before they can be offered something to eat by law(i think!) because if they have an allergic reaction or get poisoned they could be sued by the parents.. suing is now an extremely common practice and most people would rather be safe than sorry. I heard, sometimes even Grandparents need their daughter-in-law's permission before they can give their grandchildren something ti eat/ treat!

    Another angle, although the woman at the till was rude to you (attitude, stress?)she was probably following company policy whereby kids couldn't get served without parental permission? You can't really argue if it's your job on the line can you? lol. *sorry, couldn't resist.. read your piece on txt lingo! ;)

    Best wishes X

  6. Anonymous2:59 AM

    It's policy. It's for the best. And they are not discriminating against short people, just small children