Monday, April 20, 2009

Poems Written with Video Conferencing Students

Below are two poems written with video conferencing students. One is about hated food, another about a hated chore. Poetry is a great way to vent your this case, it was apparently hate.


I really don’t like stuffing
It simply does not taste right
Stuffing is too stuffy
It doesn’t please my sight

I really don’t like oatmeal
It simply freaks me out
The lumps and bumps in the oatmeal
Really make me pout

I really don’t like peas
They’re mushy and gushy and squishy
They’re round and bloated and green
There’s something a little too fishy.


Cleaning up after the dog
Is the most dreaded chore
Of all the tasks in the house
There is nothing I hate more.

For the dog uses the house bathroom
As though he’s one of us
Next he’ll buy a set of socks
And wear them to the bus

But the dog will sneeze and slobber
All over his new suit of clothes
And he will rip them to shreds
And then slobber all over my bed.


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