Sunday, July 12, 2009

House Cleaning

The one good thing about having bad eyesight is that one can blame the grime on the floor on eyesight or lack thereof instead of on one’s own laziness. Which is not to imply that I was lazy, or deliberately missed the piece of grime in question…

To give you some perspective, we are doing house cleaning, and all throughout the house is heard the noisy sound of a vacuum cleaner sucking in symphony with the swiffing (I know that’s not a word) noise of the Swiffer Sweeper. One can hear the sounds of toilets being flushed, bubbling with cleaner, and of mirrors being scrubbed with disinfecting rubbing alcohol—an oddity that I indulge.

However much I despise house cleaning, it is pleasurable to look upon a spotless, shining room and contrast that with the filthy image before. Of course, that is soon spoiled by somebody pointing out a stray hair missed there or a smashed piece of gum kicked there. And so the cleaning begins again…



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