Sunday, August 02, 2009

Where are you from?

Where are you from? To some of you, this answer might be simple. But I like to ask questions about simple things--How detailed should one get when answering the question? Should you say the name of the city and the state, or just the country or the planet? Should you mention your neighborhood? And then what does "from" mean anyway? Does it mean where you're living currently? Or where you were born? Or a place you used to live? Or the place you most identify with? Or the place where your parents were from?

The reason I ask is because, when I'm delivering classes through video conferencing, kids always ask me "Where are you from?" Here are a few different versions, for your information; see if you can sort them out.

1. I'm "from" Springfield, Oregon, the United States.
2. I'm "from" Redmond, Washington, the United States.
3. I'm "from" Renton, Washington State.
4. I'm "from" the US.
5. I'm an Earthling.


1. Where I was born
2. Where I live
3. Where I used to live
4. The country I live in
5. What I am (to be used probably only when speaking to extraterrestrials)


So, where are you from?


  1. Dear Adora,

    What an insightful post! I love all of your posts, Adora! I'll chat with you at 3:30!



  2. Emmaline8:28 PM

    Dear Adora,

    I like your wistful outlook on everyday things, a lot like me.