Monday, October 26, 2009

Descriptive Passages Written with Fourth Graders Through Video Conferencing

Bob was a tiny, brown, furry gopher with proportionally huge claws (his mother always complained about his inability to trim his claws) and a selfish attitude toward his toys, which were made out of fine wood chips and premium dirt. He liked his toys because they felt hard and rough, with lots of bumps he could file his claws on.

It was a gloomy, wet and soggy Tuesday when Bob scurried out of his burrow into an open
field. He could hear the rumble of thunder in the distance. It was muggy and some of the other burrows smelled moldy. Bob felt sleepy; rain had always had a soporific effect on him. "I think I shall take a little nap," he sighed, and dove into his burrow--just in the nick of time, as
a giant lightning bolt struck from above.


The tree house we recently built is
baby blue. It was as huge as a mansion,
with dark and gloomy shadows playing off
on the rust on the walls. Of course, this was
our Halloween theme; usually, the tree house
is bright and cheery, with lots of windows open
to let in the sunlight and the noise of
birds chirping, squirrels chattering, owls
"ooing" and the wind whistling. 

The tree house used to smell like dead
mice but, with some air freshener and
a thorough volunteer mice removal and
relocation program, it smells fresh again.
There's a mini-fridge with Jolly Ranchers,
Snickers, Kit-Kats, soda, orange juice, and
root beer. However, there is another
mini-fridge right next to this that contains
all sorts of health foods. The mini-fridge
with candy contains double locks and a timing
program that carefully monitors all input
and output from the fridge. 


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