Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Story Written with Video Conferencing Third Graders

Character List:
Bob the Brontosaurus—main character
Charlie the Triceratops—enemy
Supermonkey!  (Bob)
Billy the Cat (Charlie)
Setting: Ashland Elementary
Conflict: Bob has the brightest colors; Charlie is arguing.
     It was a hot day at Ashland Elementary on Wednesday. Bob the brontosaurus was finishing up a lunch of leaves and salad with a tiny dollop of dressing (he couldn’t eat too much or else his cholesterol would rise) when Charlie the triceratops swaggered into the room.
     “Hey, what kind of lunch is Bob having?” he demanded. “Haha. You can’t even finish off a whole bowl of dressing like I can.”  
     “You shouldn’t eat a whole bowl of dressing, Charlie, that’s gross,” Bob said.
     “Oh, come on. You’re the gross one. You’re always eating salad without much dressing, and wearing dull colors—hey, wait a second.” Charlie inspected Bob with wide, surprised eyes.
     “What! You’re wearing bright colors!”
     “Brighter colors than you, that’s for sure,” Bob’s best friend, Supermonkey, chimed in. “Brighter head, too.”
     “Quiet, Supermonkey,” Charlie’s friend, Billy the Cat, hissed, his fur standing on end. Supermonkey and Billy had a rivalry of their own.
     “This can’t be happening!” Charlie said, stomping his huge, tree-trunk like legs. “I am the paragon of fashion for all! You can’t outshine me! Desist, at once!”
     “Resist, at once,” Supermonkey said to Bob.
     “Stop the smart mouth,” Charlie said, lunging toward Supermonkey. But Supermonkey was too fast for Charlie. He leapt up into the air, and using his rope-like tail, he coiled himself around the spinning fan on the ceiling. At just the right moment, when Charlie was about to grab Bob, he let go of the fan with a great “Hi-yaaaa!” (in monkey terms) and landed right in Charlie’s face (if you could call it a face). By the time they were done, Bob had managed to escape. Of course, everyone had forgotten about Billy the Cat.
     Billy snuck off into the distance and prepared himself for a vicious fight. Dashing at great speed, he launched himself at Supermonkey, his claws extended—and that was when the principal came in.  


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