Monday, December 07, 2009

Beginning of Story Written with Sixth Graders Over Video Conferencing

Setting: San Bernardino Mountains
Characters: John—very short, very grumpy. He is the son.
Jess—she’s very humorous, and can make people laugh; she has brown hair. She’s the mom.
Bob—he’s very smart; he’s tall. He can be very klutzy sometimes.

            It was an unusually cold Monday for California, and John, Jess, and Bob were vacationing in the San Bernardino Mountains. John, who was being a grumpy teenager as usual, said pessimistically,
   “It looks like snow.”
   “Come on, John, it’s California,” Jess (John’s mom) said lightly. “Anyway, even if it does snow, it won’t matter that much. We don’t have to get back until Wednesday, and—”
   “WOAH!” John’s dad, Bob, yelled as he tripped over the phonebook that lay on the floor, then knocked the bedside lamp off the table.
   “Um,” he said, embarrassed. “Well, what were you saying, Jess?”
   “We don’t have to get back before Wednesday,” she said calmly. Her husband had tripped over things before.
   “I was right, Mom!” John crowed triumphantly. “It’s snowing.”
   The whole family ran to the window, and Jess was the first to gasp. The snow was coming down thickly. In some places it seemed like the sky was a showerhead of snow. Jess trembled slightly—snowstorms on the San Bernardino Mountains were infamously fierce. Getting home before Wednesday might be harder than she had thought.


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