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House Cleaning

The one good thing about having bad eyesight is that one can blame the grime on the floor on eyesight or lack thereof instead of on one’s own laziness. Which is not to imply that I was lazy, or deliberately missed the piece of grime in question…To give you some perspective, we are doing house cleaning, and all throughout the house is heard the noisy sound of a vacuum cleaner sucking in symphony with the swiffing (I know that’s not a word) noise of the Swiffer Sweeper. One can hear the sounds of toilets being flushed, bubbling with cleaner, and of mirrors being scrubbed with disinfecting rubbing alcohol—an oddity that I indulge.However much I despise house cleaning, it is pleasurable to look upon a spotless, shining room and contrast that with the filthy image before. Of course, that is soon spoiled by somebody pointing out a stray hair missed there or a smashed piece of gum kicked there. And so the cleaning begins again…

My Great American Road Trip

NBC has recently launched a new reality TV show called "Great American Road Trip." I had a concern about the show--who knows what "reality" is any more on TV? Even if you film every single passing hour, you will probably still edit it down to the most "exciting" bits--which will perhaps not present an accurate view of the subject. For instance, if I filmed the entirety of my recent road trip and shared it with you, you would see much film of my sister and I sleeping; staring at each other meaninglessly; sitting silently; eating cookies at rest stops; and my dad talking about basalt formations and ancient geologic stuff (which would probably be interesting to some people but probably not to all of my audience). Thus what we see on TV is not all there is to see.

Instead of criticizing a road trip on television, however, I should probably talk about my own, which was recently concluded. After my mom and I returned from DC, we packed our bags--actually, we jus…

Summary Outline of Traveling-Wisconsin, New York, and Washington DC

Honestly, I didn't feel up to writing a full-length essay at 9:13 Eastern Standard Time at night, so I decided to make an informal outline--to prepare for a future essay--instead. Prewriting, right?

1. Wisconsin
a. Saw (driving by) Dairyland Greyhound Racetrack. I have never seen a
dog track. I'm not entirely sure these are humane, so I just wanted to
clarify that I'm not endorsing dog racing! I also saw the Keno Drive-in Theater--I've never seen a drive-in theater before, either.
b. I presented using a Promethean Activboard to teachers from the Kenosha Unified School District at Mahone Middle School in Kenosha. I'd like to thank the incredibly hard-working Mary Salani (KUSD) and the endlessly resourceful Dagmar Ladle (Promethean) for their help in making the keynote, and the following breakout session, a success. I presented on "A Kid's Eye View of an Activclassroom" and "Activideas for Activstudents," the latter about differentiating teaching i…

From DC!

Hello everyone! I am currently in Washington DC (but I will be heading to Yellowstone soon.) I appeared on a TV talk show, "Let's Talk Live." Below is the video--I pasted in the embed code and I hope it works.