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Story Written with Audience at Milton-Freewater Public Library, OR

Sorry for the delay in publishing this! This is a story I collaborated on with an audience at the Milton-Freewater Public Library. I put an ending on it, but be sure to come up with alternatives:

Ridanna Taksvi is an average height for Tinytown Village; she is one inch tall, like most of her friends. Although she may be short in stature to us humans, Ridanna’s bravery was no less for it. In fact, little Miss Taksvi had a positively scandalous amount of courage.

“She’s always running off to some place or another,” her mother, the village dress-mender-and-maker, who was two inches tall, groaned. “The other day she walked two feet out of the village. Can you imagine that? TWO FEET!” Her underlings, who helped her find thread, all oohed and aaahed.

“That is quite terrible,” her secretary, Katisha, agreed.

“And as though that’s not enough, the other day she walked to the swamp all by herself! A girl of her age isn’t supposed to go to the swamp! It’s dangerous, all kinds of dragonflies about—an…

Where are you from?

Where are you from? To some of you, this answer might be simple. But I like to ask questions about simple things--How detailed should one get when answering the question? Should you say the name of the city and the state, or just the country or the planet? Should you mention your neighborhood? And then what does "from" mean anyway? Does it mean where you're living currently? Or where you were born? Or a place you used to live? Or the place you most identify with? Or the place where your parents were from?

The reason I ask is because, when I'm delivering classes through video conferencing, kids always ask me "Where are you from?" Here are a few different versions, for your information; see if you can sort them out.

1. I'm "from" Springfield, Oregon, the United States.
2. I'm "from" Redmond, Washington, the United States.
3. I'm "from" Renton, Washington State.
4. I'm "from" the US.
5. I'm an Earthling.


Milton-Freewater Public Library Presentation

Dear Oregonians (or any out-of-stater reasonably near the town of Milton-Freewater, Oregon),

I will be presenting at the Milton-Freewater Public Library on August 6th, this Thursday, on reading and writing. I will be reading from my poetry book, Dancing Fingers. My sister and co-author, Adrianna Svitak (, will be playing the violin. There will be an interactive descriptive writing activity.

Hope that you can make it!