Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today I was connecting with an East Coast school over the internet for a presentation, and it was a nightmare. My audio was choppy; theirs was worse. They couldn’t stream video from their webcam. My projector made a humming noise in the background. It was a litany of problems all in a row. My mom and I were joking about the reliability of systems, and she says, “It shows you that even great systems aren’t always reliable.” (Duh.) I said,

“Mom, no system is reliable—not even life. The only reliable system is Death. It at least never fails you.”

Thought I would just add my Morose Quote for the day. :)



  1. Your comment about Death being the ultimate reliable feature of life is quite profound. I appreciated reading your post encouraged me to think about what you have said.

  2. can i use the quote? PLEASE? o.O or I. It's a VERY nice quote. :D

  3. Sure, you can use the quote--just remember to cite properly. :)