Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What If Cats Could Swim Underwater?

I was discussing "What If?" questions and their potential for story ideas with another group of students from the same school, during the presentation Writing Inspirations. Watch the video.They asked the "What if?" quetsion: "What if cats could swim underwater?" Here's the story we came up with:

Blaze the cat had always been a dreamer. In cat class, he had daydreamed about mice instead of actually catching them, leading his teachers to call him a “good-for-nothing freeloading fat cat.” It had to be said that Blaze was a fat cat. At two hundred pounds, he lumbered along with a huge belly of fat. He liked to call himself, “The Great One,” but everyone else just called him chubby.

One night, while resting in his comfortable room at Mr. Lambchop’s house, Blaze had a sudden and vivid vision—a dream, if you wanted to call it that. He imagined that he was swimming underwater, his fur gloriously soaked and his giant belly helping him float. It was an odd dream, since cats don’t like water; but Blaze was an odd cat. He woke up with a start and thought, This idea is too good to let go. With that, he pattered softly out of his room, clambered out an open window, and headed for the nearest lake, Lake Howie. It took Blaze an hour of walking before he got to Lake Howie, and he gazed at the cold rippling waters with some trepidation. After a minute of pondering and observing the lake, Blaze gave a short hiss and jumped into the water.


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