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  1. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Hi Adora,

    Even though I'm fifty I hope you won't hold that against me—I've done what I can to hold onto my "child-mind" and further cultivate it.

    I resonate deeply with your spirit and yet find myself thinking about how we do change over our life-cycles, particularly about how our sense of eagerness to shape and experience the future subtly gives way to the power of the eternal moment.

    If some of the most radical scientists would have us understand that time is not a "Truth," but rather a way in which we experience ourselves, perhaps each of us is both child and grown-up at the same time—merely lacking in the expanded consciousness to grasp this.

    I think we are at our very most authentic around age five (, and this is when you began the inspired and radically authentic journey that takes you to this point at twelve.

    I do what I can to clue grown-ups into the wisdom of what you are teaching, but my hat's off to you and I lend All Good Wishes to your endeavors.

    Namaste, Yin in Disguise