Wednesday, June 16, 2010

IdeaCity, Toronto

Yesterday, I flew into Toronto, Canada for the IdeaCity conference. I would feel bad if I didn't do a bit of journaling, so here goes:

The flight in was fairly smooth. I'm impressed by Air Canada's services, both on the part of the flight crew and the inflight entertainment options. On most American airlines that I've flown on, you have to pay a surcharge to watch movies (especially those that are more recent); on Air Canada, I was able to watch fairly recent movies like Tooth Fairy and Invictus, free of charge. Unfortunately, the plane landed before I was able to finish Invictus (I got about three-fourths through it) but it was an interesting movie. I hadn't known a thing about rugby before watching it.

Landing in Toronto, we had to quickly finish our salmon-and-cream-cheese packed bagels (we didn't want to risk sneaking meat through Customs), and get used to the warm weather (the latter being far easier). The city has every aspect of urban modernity that you'd expect in a large city. I suppose I felt surprised that it wasn't more intrinsically Canadian, but then again, it wasn't as though I really thought everyone would be walking around with little maple leaves on their faces or something. I'm not sure what gives a city its identity; perhaps I felt that Paris was intrinsically French because they were speaking a different language, and there's not a hugely noticeable accent here.

This is the first day of the IdeaCity conference; it's been quite enjoyable. So far we must have seen dozens of speakers, with topics such as "The Decline of the Male" and "The Rise of the Female" (the first two sections, or pods, today). I'm completely exhausted at this point. One of my favourite speakers was Emily Levine; she was very comedic.

That's all for now, from Toronto!



  1. Well, you ARE sort of proof positive of the whole "Rise of the Female" concept. :o) Keep it up.

  2. Adora! You are amazing. My mom, who heard about you from a friend (who probably heard from another friend) told me about you, your books, your speeches, and everything! I am thoroughly astonished. We went on Youtube and watched every single video we could find about you. I cannot get over how brilliant you are. I hope to read one of your books soon and possibly be as good as public speaking as you are one day. When I read your blog posts, I find it hard to believe you are not yet 12 (are you 12 yet?)... you have changed my view on many things forever!

    An admirer who just learned about this child prodigy genius.

    P.S. Hope you like Canada!
    P.P.S. You are really cute, too!!! :D