Monday, October 31, 2016

Locker Room Talk

Facebook group chat:

girl: f**k i need to vent about men
so tonight was the last IM speed soccer game of the semester and f*****g no one shows up except for me, M, and J and it's like 2 mins to the game starting or we forfeit
so M is calling ppl up being like get your asses over here
we forfeit bc AC and BT show up at berkeley time but we're like "ok let's scrimmage"
other team is a bunch of really big guys and then theres M, J, B inexplicably in dark eyeliner and eyeshadow (for halloween costume i think??) and little ol' me ok so we're very clearly outmatched
but nbd, we start playing
from the moment we begin playing the other team keeps on saying things like

"pass that like a MAN"
"come on DON'T PUSSY OUT"

to each other
and im just over here thinking... wtf guys
the whole point of everyone being outraged at donald trump for his whole "grab them by the pussy"  thing
is that that s**t is supposed to be the exception not the norm
and here you are at Cal doing this same f*****g s**t

boys: it's locker room talk
if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen
Blog about it

recommended readMan Up, by Detroit Lions Linebacker Deandre Levy


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