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Exercpt From Spoiled Prince

Garrick eyed the yolky slop doubtfully, twitching uncertainly.
“Ma, it ain’t muggers’ time,” Gilbert whined, yolk dribbling down his chin. “I don’t see why I ain’t allowed to stay up like Neal! My friend,” he added as Garrick glanced at him.
“Neal is differently disciplined, Ariothis Gilbert Marson, and both your mother and I expect that you will react to our method differently,” Ralf said sharply, raising his eyebrows. “Therefore you will issue no complaints.” Gilbert was silent. Garrick stared at him sympathetically. When the young prince had lived at the royal palace he had been able to go to bed as late as he wished, listening to old Bard Rhem tell tales of the elder days and watching the court dwarves and jesters amuse the great ladies and lords.

Subsitute Teacher!!!

Subsitute Teacher!!!
Unfortunately, our writing teacher, Felisa Rogers, has taken ill. I am hired for the job! My lesson plan: Review Vocabulary: Bombastic
Pious Zenith
Vellum Insular
New Vocabulary:
Epic Solace
Mortified Ambivalent
Impersonate Insipid
Rapier Scrutinize
We will play a game of Hitchiker with both old and new vocabulary words. To make sure they really grasp the meaning of the words, I will have the students write short stories including as many vocabulary words as possible. The pupil with the most vocabulary words included wins...and who knows - I might have a treat for them after Recess. I will have a short Storytime in which the students present their articles, followed by reading from various history books and a fun pop quiz. If there is time, I will read aloud to them from a book of their choice.

Adora's poem and message to Peter Jennings

With great sadness, we say goodbye to Peter Jennings

"The Century for young people"
The book you madeWas excellent
It will remain in my mind forever,
never to fade
To those who haven't read it, I pity
For this is a great masterpiece
Those who are buying the book now will be all jitty
Because it is so great.
Jul 13, 2005 02:14 PM
Please click the link here to copy and paste to watch the video watch the touching tribute to Peter Jennings from Komo4 news
The touching tribute from Komo4 News
Jul 12, 2005 09:40 PM
SEATTLE - If you go to, to the message board for anchor Peter Jennings, you can read the heart-felt messages. "We miss you". And this: "A Poem for Peter Jennings". It's entitled: "We All Miss You." The touching tribute came from the tiny fingers of Adora Svitak. Adora is just 7-years-old. When the Redmond girl found out Peter Jennings had lung cancer, she wanted him to know: "We all want…