Adora's poem and message to Peter Jennings

With great sadness, we say goodbye to Peter Jennings

"The Century for young people"
The book you madeWas excellent
It will remain in my mind forever,
never to fade
To those who haven't read it, I pity
For this is a great masterpiece
Those who are buying the book now will be all jitty
Because it is so great.
Jul 13, 2005 02:14 PM
Please click the link here to copy and paste to watch the video watch the touching tribute to Peter Jennings from Komo4 news
The touching tribute from Komo4 News
Jul 12, 2005 09:40 PM
SEATTLE - If you go to, to the message board for anchor Peter Jennings, you can read the heart-felt messages. "We miss you". And this: "A Poem for Peter Jennings". It's entitled: "We All Miss You." The touching tribute came from the tiny fingers of Adora Svitak. Adora is just 7-years-old. When the Redmond girl found out Peter Jennings had lung cancer, she wanted him to know: "We all want to hear your voice and when we do we shall rejoice." Adora became a fan six months ago when she met the anchorman. "Look at the expression on the picture. He's very attentive. He's really intrigued by her," says Adora's mother Joyce. She's referring to the pictures of Jennings and her daughter. Peter Jennings was on the set of Good Morning America in February. Adora Svitak was a guest on the show. GMA had found out about her after KOMO 4 News did a story about her -- Adora had written 300 short stories, and she was only 7 years old! At first, Adora didn't know who Peter Jennings was. "No, I thought he was part of the staff maybe," says Adora. Jennings was just as curious about Adora and her talents as we were. He watched her type 60 words a minute. He learned what we already knew: That Adora had written all those short stories. How many words? "270,000!" she says. Her words these days have a historical perspective, ever since Peter Jennings sent Adora his book, The Century. "I can write better because I'll know more facts," Adora says. Jennings signed it. "You are the future," he wrote. Adora wrote back: "You are the past, present, and future." One day Adora would love to see Peter Jennings again. Until then, she wants me to pass this message on: "I would want him to get better and really fast," she says. We all do.
Poem For Peter Jennings
Jul 10, 2005 09:13 PM
We All Miss You
We all miss you,
so come back soon
Even the babies are tapping the screen with silver spoons
We all want to hear your voice
And when we do, we shall rejoice.
The angry housewife has got all cross
Now the salmon's turned to moss
Just because you're absent from us
Nobody has the heart to catch the bus.


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