Subsitute Teacher!!!

Subsitute Teacher!!!
Unfortunately, our writing teacher, Felisa Rogers, has taken ill. I am hired for the job! My lesson plan: Review Vocabulary: Bombastic
Pious Zenith
Vellum Insular
New Vocabulary:
Epic Solace
Mortified Ambivalent
Impersonate Insipid
Rapier Scrutinize
We will play a game of Hitchiker with both old and new vocabulary words. To make sure they really grasp the meaning of the words, I will have the students write short stories including as many vocabulary words as possible. The pupil with the most vocabulary words included wins...and who knows - I might have a treat for them after Recess. I will have a short Storytime in which the students present their articles, followed by reading from various history books and a fun pop quiz. If there is time, I will read aloud to them from a book of their choice.


  1. My mom came in when I was reading this post, and she read it over my shoulder. This quote should say enough.

    "Oh my gosh, what are these words??"

  2. Dear Adora,
    You not only have gifts in writing , but in teaching. You are really amazing.It must be a beautiful picture when you were subteaching the class. Teachers should feel shamed of themselves if they are not well-prepared before going to classes. You are gorgeious.

  3. Anonymous10:12 AM

    hi adora
    i was reading this when my mum came in by that time i had gone onto a different website i wrote a few of the words you wrote and told them to my mum.
    all she could do is this
    great darling why dont you go and finish your homework. my teacher would never be as orgonised as you we are always giving her sugestions


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