Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The photo with a person in it is my older sister on her computer (researching guinea pigs, no doubt) in her messy lair beside her fierce stuffed tiger, named Tiger. The picture on the left is my room. Back to the picture on the right! My sister has a sullen look on her face, as she often does when I take pictures of her. She is currently looking over my shoulder and making comments about every word and censoring some others. She has quite a variety of posters, artwork, torn-off calendar pictures, cut-outs from magazines, and miscellaneous objects dotting her walls, not to mention all the thingamajigs on her shelf. I have quite a few things on my wall as well, but they are hung up in near-perfect normality (if there is such a word), while my sister's posters are hung up in many strange ways for effect. Her room is, in my opinion, cramped and bright, while my room is the spacious, dark, room. Not really dark--I have three lights in my room (my bedside lamp, my usually-never-used by-the-closet lamp, and the regular ceiling lights) that are all in working condition. But have a look at my curtains, which are dark, imperious green (my favorite color other than crimson), and then move your view to my green, cushioned chair with a foot-rest. It feels like it is made of velvet or some sort of luxurious material. In the picture of my sister's room, you can just barely see the seat of a chair with wheels that is blue and shoved into the small gap between the end of her bed and the wall. There are national and international maps in my room instead of a "Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras" and a movie poster (from England), and instead of a dark wood shelf, I have a white deskshelf (it has desk space but it also has drawers and cupboards), with gold paint. I admit that a great deal of the posters in my room are also dedicated to my own glory. There are posters saved from speeches at various places, certificates, etc. There are also bookmarks and postcards hung up on the wall (my mom doesn't approve of "wasting stamps" on postcards, so I usually hang 'em up, and we hardly ever use bookmarks anyway, so they're taped up to the wall), and some of my artwork. In any case, I feel that I have compared our rooms thoroughly and I hope you find this interesting.
Adora Svitak



  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    I really adore you since I've heard about you from the news

  2. Anonymous5:22 PM

    good luck, keep up the good work.. happy new year.

  3. Anonymous5:19 PM

    hi.. adora
    u're always best do something in u'r writing life.
    u so young n have big spirit.
    maybe u'll be my inspiration to do everything in my life..
    maybe not in write,, well.. i hope my first comment for u will be continued in another situation.

  4. Anonymous7:56 PM

    I find your pictures very interesting.
    You have a great room! I hope I get to
    be like you sometime.

  5. Anonymous10:29 PM

    ha ha ha ha ha
    great blog

  6. Anonymous9:59 PM


    Looks like you need a new bed. The back support of your appears to be on an angle.

    Love your book. Keep up the good work.